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Get a personalized service with this one on one coaching program that helps children and their families learn the skills to be able to make Healthy Food Choices at home.

As parents, we all want the best for our children's health and well-being and we have good intentions when it comes to offering them various foods but some times it can be struggle to know what is best for our kids or even how to make simple and healthy meals for them.

Because there is so much varying information on this topic, it can be challenging to know where to start.

With this coaching service you will get a personalized program that best suits your family and child's needs

This program includes:

- One on one in home coaching program that helps children and their families learn the skills to reach their highest health potential
- Personalized program that best suits the clients a family and child's needs
- In home assessment of current eating habits for both the child and the family
- Balanced food shopping guide based on the recommendations of the Canada Food Guide
- Weekly accountability calls to provide support and guidance along the way
- Simple exercise routines to keep the child and family active
- Referrals to other professional and services as needed

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Healthy Food Choices

Children will learn the basics of making healthy food choices while using the Canada Food Guide. On site instruction allows children and youth to participate in a hands on activity that will emphasize what they have learned.

This program will give students the opportunity to take part in making a healthy snack such as a real fruit smoothie, simple salad, or salad roll, and other items to teach kids that eating healthy can be very easy and accessible to everyone.

The purpose of this program is to leave students with lifelong knowledge for making Healthy Food Choices and to help them understand that illnesses caused by obesity are preventable.

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