KIDS Health and Fitness Programs

"Thank you so much for doing the residency at our school, students and teachers loved it!" 
Dan Dornan (Director/ Principal)

"Your presentation was great...full of so many healpful ideas. We look forward to working with you again." 
Parent council

"Your program, passion, Jamie Oliver foundation, the statistics on childhood obesity and of course the smoothies was very well done. Was also a great learning activity especially when you taught them about the ingredients in the fruit snacks and energy drinks."

- Jennifer Soriano (Educator)

"Overall, the presentation was great! It motivated the students to think about healthy food choices and inspired them to go home and talk to their parents about it!" 
- Lisa Ariza ( Educator )   

Satisfied Customers & Testimonials

"Her warm and friendly personality made the girls feel comfortable and her hands-on activities kept the girls focused and engaged." 
- Gabriela Valenzuela ( Leader )